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Payments and Billing

The Process

Q: Does Mindset Therapy take insurance?

Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A: No. Mindset Therapy is based on a private pay model. This gives you the most flexibility in how you attend your appointments and how often. Oftentimes, insurance companies dictate when you can be seen and for how long. With a private pay model, you are in charge of your services and how often you come to treatment.
A: Mindset Therapy offers the most convenience in scheduling your appointments. All appointments are booked via the online scheduling portal. As a new or existing patient, you are able to view available appointment times and choose the option most convenient for you. No need to call office staff to schedule, re-schedule, or cancel an appointment.

Q: Why doesn’t Mindset Therapy take insurance?

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Mindset Therapy does not accept insurance. The decision to be solely private pay allows your therapy process to be as seamless as possible. Our goal is to allow you, the patient, to be in control of when you seek treatment and for how long. With our model, you are able to seek treatment without the interference or approval from third parties (i.e. insurance companies).
A: Cancellations will be accepted at the completion of purchased subscriptions.

Q: How will I communicate with my counselor?

Q: Is telepsychology better than face-to-face     therapy?

A: All services provided by Mindset Therapy are paid via secure billing methods. Available payment options include credit card, debit card, EFT, and PayPal.
A: You will securely communicate with your counselor via your personal account. You have the ability to message your counselor or schedule a video/phone call.

Q: Is a credit card required to receive services?

Q: What is a "subscription" with Mindset Therapy?

A: There are two subscription levels with Mindset Therapy:
Level 1 - Unlimited messaging. $65/week billed at $260/month.
Level 2 - Unlimited messaging + 1 video/phone session per week. $115/week billed at $460/month.
Additional video/phone sessions may be added at any time for $65 per session.
A: With Mindset Therapy, you have the ability to message your therapist 24/7 and will receive a response within business hours. This give you the ability to talk about issues as they arise. You no longer have to wait weeks for a pre-scheduled appointment that may or may not coincide with topics you need to discuss. Telepsychology also allows you to set your own schedule and attend appointments when convenient for you. Telepsychology outcomes are equivalent to outcomes you would reach with traditional therapy.

Security and Privacy

Emergency Situations

Q: Are my appointments and contacts through
    Mindset Therapy secure?

Q: What do I do if I have an emergency?

Yes! All services and contact conducted through Mindset Therapy are secure and HIPPA compliant.
A: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800.273.8255 Crisis Text Line: Text CONNECT to 741741

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