Mindset Therapy is 100% online based. All patient contacts are handled through electronic means. No need to come into an office at any time. Through the client portal, which can be found at the top of the webpage, you are able to have complete control over your appointment date and time. The Mindset Therapy portal also allows for secure messaging between the patient and provider. All documents exchanged as part of the therapy initiation or services are handled through the program. All information transmitted via electronic means is encrypted, and HIPPA compliant, with your safety and security in mind. The program can be downloaded on your desktop computer or mobile device.


Mindset Therapy does not accept insurance. The decision to be solely private pay allows the process to be as seamless as possible and allow you, the patient, to be in control of when you seek treatment and for how long, without the interference or approval from third parties (i.e. insurance companies).

Initial appointment

The initial appointment is the opportunity to spend time with you discussing your reasons for seeking therapy and developing a treatment plan we will work with as you progress through treatment.

(90 minutes): $175

Patient Portal

Follow-up appointments

Once the treatment plan is made, we will spend your follow-up appointment times meeting your treatment goals. The overall length of time you are in therapy depends on diagnosis, treatment goals, and your ability/willingness to fully engage in the treatment process. For individual follow-up appointments, 50 minutes are the industry standard, however, some patients are appropriate for shorter appointments and you can discuss this with your therapist.

50 minutes: $150

30 minutes: $100

Patient Portal