About Owner

Emily Mayfield, PhD

Dr. Mayfield grew up in Dallas, Texas. After spending 11 years at the Hockaday School in Dallas she transitioned to Southern Methodist University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. After assisting various staff in the field of psychology at SMU, she realized the importance of assisting those in need using evidenced-based treatments for mental health conditions and other of life’s struggles. Dr. Mayfield attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR and obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Mayfield wanted to broaden her role of assisting others and made the decision to serve her country as a military psychologist. While her career as a military psychologist was rewarding and brought a multitude of experiences, broadening her ability to assist others, returning home to Texas became a priority. Dr. Mayfield has settled in the Houston, Texas area to start Mindset Therapy. Her vision is to provide mental health services to everyone, with travel time and distance removed as obstacles. Using evidenced-based treatments, Dr. Mayfield teaches you, the patient, how to target those areas in your life that are holding you back from being the best you.