About Us

About Mindset Therapy

Mindset Therapy is the future of mental health treatment; leading the telepsychology revolution with execution of mental health services where you are. Using the technology of the internet on your preferred device, Mindset Therapy is for those who value their time or experience obstacles preventing them from seeking traditional mental health treatment. We open doors to quality, convenient mental health treatment beyond the borders of your community; and stand out with services provided by a full-time licensed psychologist through face-to-face contact using the latest technology. We exist for you; to make you the best you can be, all from the convenience of your home or office.

Who is eligible for services from Mindset Therapy?

Individuals over the age of 18 who reside in the state of Texas are eligible for services through Mindset Therapy. Mindset Therapy is headquartered in Houston; however, through the power of the internet, adults throughout Texas can receive services as if they were down the street.

Benefits of telepsychology:

In an ever-demanding environment, with multiple tasks and requirements coming at you, finding time for yourself is hard enough. It’s even harder to find the time to get to a location for you to help yourself. Mindset Therapy removes one obstacle from your life and brings the services to you. The program which allows for video teleconferencing can be used from any device which can access the internet, and is HIPAA compliant for your security and privacy.

How will Mindset Therapy fit into your life?

We all value our time and it’s difficult to fit in one more thing. Psychological services should not be another obstacle in your life. Using Telemental health services, you remove the need to commute to your appointment. The appointment time is your only commitment. Nothing more.


Mindset Therapy operates solely as a private pay service. This model allows for anyone to utilize the services, not only those “in-network”. There is also the removal of the burden of submitting a claim through your insurance company and awaiting payment. You pay for your services at the time they are rendered, and you are done. Another time saver.

Technology requirements

Telemental health services require the use of video teleconferencing software. As such, sufficient internet bandwidth and a computer that can support the software is important. Reliable internet ensures you are receiving the best care possible. While telephone calls can be made in situations where internet is temporarily not working, it is not designed to be a replacement for video services. The practice of psychology remains a field in which seeing a person brings value to the appointment.